This is just my way of letting it all out without caring who is reading or watching.

These are a bunch of random unorganized thoughts. Sort of like a mirror of my mind.
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I give God “but” and He gives me “anyway”.

I should be giving you more but…
I know this is wrong but…
I should go but…
I should do this but…

He returns
I love you anyway
I’ll protect you anyway
Here’s my mercy in abundance anyway
I know you don’t mean it but there’s that 1,000,000th chance anyway

Back to Basics…

To whom much is given much is expected.  We are extremely lucky to not be living in places around the world where all they’ve literally got to cling to is their faith in God.  That’s what keeps them sane and hopeful.  In a way, they have more of a reason to believe that there is no God that loves them while they are going through all that they do. It could’ve been any of us. Why weren’t we born in those places? And if we were why did we get to leave while others are facing turmoil and death everyday? We’ll never be able to comprehend it. Instead of using all we have: the technology, money, power and freedom to praise God and just simply be grateful, we use those things to justify why we don’t need God. To continue in our “self-made” attitude.  To whom much is given much is expected. God will ask.  That’s why it says in Matthew 19:23-24 that it is painfully hard for a rich man to make heaven. Not because wealth is bad but because we start trusting it instead of God.  We can easily trust our bonus and jobs for our next meal while others in those places can ONLY trust God. 

We have to live life realizing we CANNOT and shouldn’t even try doing anything without Him.

My Graduation…

Haven’t been on Tumblr in a minute so I haven’t raved about my graduation and how amazing God is.  My brother got me an AWESOME gift and he did it in the cutest, most creative way.  I wov my big brother, he’s such a sap.  Then I got a bunch of cash from people and people that I didn’t even expect showed up at my graduation. God bless ‘em all.  Finally, just got a box of shoes from Jimmy hehehe.  They are all so freaking adorable. I couldn’t stop smiling.  =)

I’m so grateful to God that i’m done with school and that He saw me through these years of college. I’m also so grateful for this last semester. Things were looking mad scary close to the end but it was a slam dunk.  I just thank God for His faithfulness, mercy and love even when I’ve been a complete screw up.  

Thank you mommy for putting me through school and always being there praying for me and making life as easy as possible, especially during finals week. And I thank God for my family and all my friends for the encouragement and the support through it all.  You are all amazing and highly appreciated.

Love is slow to suspect but quick to trust; slow to condemn but quick to justify; slow to offend but quick to defend; slow to expose but quick to shield; slow to reprimand but quick to empathize; slow to belittle but quick to appreciate; slow to demand but quick to give; slow to provoke but quick to help; slow to resent but quick to forgive By Word for you today.

Lessons Learned…

Our parents are human too and they get selfish desires and they have fears and insecurities just like us.  They make mistakes and they are allowed to and they have regrets and moments they are proud of.  Some are incapable of love and some are just not equipped to show emotions.  We forgive our friends and ourselves for having those flaws but have a hard time forgiving our parents for them because “they’re not supposed to”, they are meant to live for you, put you first, think of you all the time and be superheroes…. the sooner you realize they are human, the easier it’ll be to understand them and maybe even forgive them.

This thing called romance…

Whenever I hear some big romantic speech in a movie I don’t think “awww”, I think “who talks like that” like really who lays in bed and talks like that.  And when they come back after a long separation and they go “I never stopped thinking about you, not for one second, I regretted every moment I was away from you”. Really? Like EVERY second… okay!  If someone said that to me I’d just stare at him.

I don’t see why we surround ourselves around christians but still carry our cross alone. We are meant to encourage each other, pray for each other, and love each other.  To all my friends please don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me anything I’m honest but I don’t judge [at least i try not to] and I don’t take things lightly either.  If you want me to pray for you about anything please tell me. I’ll even fast with you in a heartbeat.  Doesn’t make sense that we are in Christ together but we bear our burdens alone. I’ll gladly help you carry it. =D

"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future".

I know for a fact I used to look at certain people and be like she’s got it all figured out. Her walk with Christ is just on point but you have to realize they started from somewhere too. God didn’t just pick that person up and put all the scriptures in them and gave them the will to serve Him. They wanted it and they worked at it and that’s the only thing and His grace that’ll get you there. It’s not enough to want it or to admire it- you gotta work for it. Spiritual maturity takes work.